Lesson Info

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Musical Development

So much has changed in today’s music world. Music is all around us: on the radio, in commercials, even on computers, and what we hear is a diversity that we have never had before. The musical development of boys and girls includes a wide variety of styles and sounds: from Bach and blues to pop and jazz. These are all part of the studio’s essential curriculum. No longer do students simply memorize by rote, but they are taught to understand how what they are learning can be applied elsewhere. Now students learn to sight-read, transpose, recognize key signatures, improvise, and compose….giving them an understanding and appreciation of music which will enhance a lifelong enjoyment of music.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are scheduled once a week for a 30, 45, or 60 minute session. Teaching is one-on-one and has many lasting effects. For example…

• Instilling a love and understanding of music
• Building self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-respect
• Developing a creative & mind stimulating outlet

Special care is taken to ensure musical selections are enjoyable and something new is learned with each selection.

Registering for Lessons

The Academic Year (Labor Day – Memorial Day)

Lessons begin around Labor Day, so the sooner you contact the studio, the more time slots are available. Much of the studio information is in this web site, so make sure you check every link. Please call or email to receive a free information packet. We also recommend scheduling an appointment to come visit the studio and to get to meet each other.

The Summer Session (June – July)

Summer lessons are available. Please click here to read more about The Summer Session.