Piano Buddies

We’re introducing something new at the studio: the Piano Buddies Program. It’s a great way to share your love of music with a friend! Sign up with a friend at the studio, or ask your teacher to set you up with a friend (or two) to be partners together! Ideas of activities for you and your partner:
  • You and your partner meet once a month at each other’s houses and play songs for each other.
  • Share lists of your favorite pieces and songs.
  • Learn a duet together! Ask your teacher to suggest one if you’d like.
  • Play for each other and list what was good and what can be improved upon for that month.
  • Pick musicians/composers you’d like to study, and watch on YouTube/iTunes, etc. for example:
  • 2 Classical
  • 2 Popular or Broadway, etc.
  • 2 Jazz
  • Make a list for your teachers of which pieces and composers you listened to, and what were your favorites.
  • Contribute to the student advice column in our newsletter
  • Share what you have learned with your teacher or on our Facebook page
Tell your teacher today that you are interested, and we’ll get you started! WE RECOMMEND STUDENTS OF ALL AGES PARTICIPATE!