Junior Musical Club

For high school students

The Junior Musical Club of Westfield is a performing group of 8th grade through high school musicians from Westfield and the immediate area, united by their interest in classical music. The following is from the Junior Musical Club website:

How to Audition

To audition for membership, two pieces must be performed for the audition committee – one from the period up to and including Beethoven, and the other piece from the Romantic or Modern period. Total playing time should be 10 to 15 minutes in length. Auditioners are required to perform one piece from memory. Each performer should provide his or her own accompanist and music stand, if required. If you can’t find an accompanist, please email us at juniormusicalclub@gmail.com. Your pieces will be judged for accuracy, technique, intonation, phrasing, dynamics, tone quality and interpretation. Parents and teachers may not be present in the audition room.

An application form must be filled out in advance. Please call David Mandala at (908) 721-8311 to schedule an audition time at least one week in advance. Where possible, the application should be signed by a sponsor from either the Junior or Senior Musical Club. Your application should be received one to two weeks in advance.

Please contact your teacher if you would like to have more information or help in selecting pieces for the audition process.